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Creating Safe Paints Since The 1970s
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Creating Safe Paints Since The 1970s

Biofa was started in Germany in 1976 by Dr. Werner Hahn. He used his experience in creating natural remedies to develop paints, varnishes and oils that were conducive to a safe indoor climate without the harmful emissions of traditional products.

Biofa products are subject to strict test criteria, which generally go far beyond the requirements of the legislature. The quality of the products and the raw materials are examined by independent institutes using the most modern test methods, which ensures national and international standards.

This is more relevant than ever as recent research published in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine suggests that women exposed to common paint chemicals at work are more likely to have a child with autism spectrum disorder. Furthermore, the greater the exposure, the greater the autism risk, the study found. The fumes from chemicals in paints have also been associated with a number of other serious health issues. This research was featured in Time Magazine in July 2019 and we would encourage you to read same at

Find the study here:

We at Biofa Ireland are very proud to be promoting products which are not just of the highest quality but that help to make our indoor world a safer and healthier place for everyone.

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