Did know that Technical Data Sheets (TDS) are a “One Stop Shop” for everything that you need to know about our products?

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Biofa Ireland’s Technical Data Sheets (TDS) contain everything you need to know about your chosen natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic paint, oil, varnish or undercoat product.

The TDS explains the intended uses of each product. They list all the natural ingredients that are contained in our products and outline which standards the product complies with and is tested to.

The TDS then explain the instructions for use and detail any preparation work that needs to be done with the surface being treated. This is followed by detailed how to apply/ application instructions for the individual product.

The TDS concludes with information on how to clean tools, product drying times, safety instructions, VOC information and finally how to dispose of the product.

Essential reading before you start your project!

The TDS for your chosen product is available on our website via a link from each collection and individual product... see the green arrow in the image below for an example...

How to apply How to use Preparation Application


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