If you have been researching paint, or are used to buying traditional paints, you may have noticed that natural paints like Biofa costs more than many of the paints out there. There are a number of very good reasons for this...

Quality: Biofa natural paint is a high end and top quality paint. When compared to some of the luxury paint brands it is actually less expensive or comparable to many.

Ingredients: Biofa use only the highest quality natural ingredients, such as food grade oils. These cost more than the ingredients found in traditional paint as they are much more costly to produce.

Colours: If you consider the colours that occur in nature and the colours in which paint is available, there is a significantly larger range in paint! To be able to recreate these in natural paint is very difficult and expensive, therefore some colours like blues and purples and also darker colours are more costly than lighter shades.

Natural paint will never be able to compete on price with some of the traditional paint brands. However, if you are interested in a premium paint then it is worth considering a natural alternative like Biofa – the same quality but completely natural and safe for you, your family and the environment.