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New Colour Chart!

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View our colour ranges online or order a hard copy of our interior natural paint colour chart below. 

Why choose Biofa Ireland's Natural Paint?

Some manufacturers of natural paint offer a white base and sell colour pastes or powders for customers to mix the right shade of paint themselves.Using our mixing machine allows Biofa Ireland deliver reliable and repeatable colours.

At Biofa Ireland we offer a range of natural interior and exterior natural, low VOC and non toxic paint, wood paint and varnish colours, that are mixed to order by us for you, so that we can reproduce these colours time and again, to exactly the same shade! This is ideal if you wish to order a colour in the future that you purchased previously.

Mixing in this way not only guarantees the exact colour that you order every time, but because we use three different bases to mix with, we can offer a far greater range of colours than our competitors.

Don’t see what you like in our colour range? We can mix most colours to order – just get in touch at