Are you looking for a Natural, Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Exterior Paint for Lime Render or New Render Walls? 

Euromin Exterior Natural Paint for New Walls & Lime RenderThe Euromin Exterior Silicate Paint range is suitable for lime render or power-washed new surfaces ONLY. This product is NOT suitable for use on previously painted surfaces due to the process by which the paint bonds with the substrate. However, when applied correctly this mixed to order natural and eco friendly exterior wall paint creates a beautiful finish and vivid colour that lasts for up to 20 years!

To ensure that this product is suitable for your project and produces the highest quality finish we do not stock this range in our online store. To find out more or to arrange a purchase please contact us at or at +353 87 6504144 or +353 89 413 6926 and we will be happy to help!