Glaze Binder - Interior

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Glaze Binder - Interior

Biofa's Glaze Binder is a quick drying water based binder suitable as a basis for mixing with colour pigments, powders or pastes (Our Natural Colour Pigments are available here).

When mixed with colour pigments and water, the glaze mixture is brushed unevenly over a white wall to create swirls and differing shades of colour. It can take many layers until the desired effect is reached. Also to give a white wash on timber ceilings. It is a novel way to create a unique finish for a feature wall for example, or to create a "softer" feel for a room.

Thanks to the composition of shellac and natural oils, surfaces stay breathable. The colourless glaze binder can also be used as a protective coating to protect walls from humidity and abrasion. It is dirt repellent and has anti static properties to repel dust.

For full details and instructions on how to use this Biofa product see: Technical Data Sheet

Size Info:

-Size 1ltr. -  Weight 1.03kg.

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