Hard Oil Aqua - Wood Stain - Natural Chemical Free Non Toxic Eco-Friendly

Hard Oil Aqua Clear Varnish - Interior (Satin Gloss)

Biofa Ireland

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Hard Oil Aqua Clear Varnish  - Interior

Biofa Hard Oil Aqua varnish is created using a new technology combining water and natural oil. This new mixture has a perfectly durable finish with a preservative elastic surface. Quick drying, very hard wearing and easy to apply, Hard Oil Aqua is a great choice for all woodwork and wooden floors.
For full details and instructions on how to use this Biofa product see: Technical Data Sheet 


Size Range Info:

-Size 0.375ltr. - Coverage 6m2 - Weight 0.38kg.

-Size 0.75ltr. - Coverage 12m2 - Weight 0.77kg. 

-Size 1ltr. - Coverage 16m2 - Weight 1.03kg. 

-Size 2.5ltr. - Coverage 40m2 - Weight 2.48kg. 

-Size 10ltr. - Coverage 160m2 - Weight 10.3kg.

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