Universal Hard Oil - Interior

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Universal Hard Oil - Interior

Biofa Universal Hard Oil is suitable for all types of indoor woodwork. The product's composition of natural oils and natural resins combine to form the visual appearance of an oil and the efficiency of a varnish. Universal Hard Oil is the ideal product for customers who wish to switch from varnished to oiled surfaces. The product is easy to apply by roller or by brush and has a silk matt finish when dry. The thin oil film that forms after the second application protects the surface from humidity and soiling.

For full details and instructions on how to use this Biofa see: Technical Data Sheet

Size Range Info:

-Size 0.375ltr - Coverage 6m2 - Weight 0.38kg. 

-Size 0.75ltr - Coverage 12m2 - Weight 0.77kg. 

-Size 1.0ltr - Coverage 16m2 - Weight 1.03kg. 

-Size 2.5ltr - Coverage 40m2 - Weight 2.48kg. 

-Size 10ltr - Coverage 140m2 - Weight 9.61kg.


To Complete Your Project We Recommend:

-Brush Cleaner


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